Slytherin Secrets


The hostel we were staying at had a cool old fashioned scale in it. I inserted a penny at the top and it revealed my current weight: 154 lbs. According to the chart on the front of the scale I now weigh exactly what I’m supposed to weigh.


I wondered what year the scale was from. Based on the cost (a penny) and the color choices I was guessing it was from the forties or
fifties. Fingers (a fellow thru-hiker) wasn’t sure when it was from, but thought that it probably had a date stamp on it somewhere.

We laid the scale on its side so that we could inspect the back and bottom of the scale for a stamp or sticker that would reveal the age of the scale. We the didn’t find the age of the scale, but we did find a secret chamber in the floor beneath it!

With some trepidation, we reached down into the dark hole in the floor and pulled out the small box that was sitting within it.


Fingers was concerned that the box might be booby trapped, but eventually our curiosity got the best of us. I opened up the box. Inside the box was a bag that contained the dessicated remains of an actual sneak head.


I wonder how long that box has been there, who put it there, and how often other hikers discover this hidden chamber?!

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