I am a maverick neuroscientist that has traded a university faculty position for a life on the trail. Wherever I go, I look to the highest peak and then try to find a way to get myself there. This has led me to the summits of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Rainier in Washington State, Cerro Chirripo in Costa Rica, and Yarigatake in Japan amongst others. I’ve been on backpacking trips in heat waves (the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Verdon Gorge in France come to mind), in blizzards (in Austria and when snowshoeing at Crater Lake, OR), and in endless rain (Glacier National Park, MO and the Olympic Mountains, WA) and have found myself hiking all over the world (Iceland, Japan, Tanzania, Austria, Costa Rica, France, Switzerland, and more). Through it all one thing remains constant, my love of throwing a pack on my back and heading off on an adventure.

Hiking for one day, the weekend, or even a week somehow just hasn’t been enough, so I’ve set my sights on the long-distance trails. First, I did a southbound thru-hike of the Long Trail in Vermont (1998), then I did a solo northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (2013) and, most recently, I completed a solo northbound thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (2014).

In addition to the blog, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just look for patchesthru!

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  2. Dear Patches,
    I love your blog! I am so inspired by your writing. I have been a long-time backpacker for many years, doing several trips each summer, each lasting about a week, but I never have tried thru-hiking. However, as I live along the CDT, I am now contemplating doing a thru-hike of my own! Thank you so much for generously sharing your adventure online.

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  3. Wow girl! No kidding you are an adventurer! Just wanted to say hello, my husband and I briefly met you while you were crossing the road in Wrightwood. We were in the silver min van and asked if you were blogging your trek.

    Well we found you! Last year I followed a few PCT bloggers from day 1 to the end. It’s funny but just a couple days earlier I was thinking to myself I need to look who’s making the hike this year. Then we ran into you! I love reading the PCT blogs and living their adventures vicariously. Needless to say being in a family mini van I don’t see myself out on the trail doing an epic hike like the PCT anytime soon! Ha ha.

    I’ll be following you and cheering you on! Wishing you safety & many blessing along the trail.


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  4. It was a pleasure meeting you atop Nevada falls in Yosemite. I hope the Cliff bar helped fuel you a couple of extra miles down the trail. Best of luck on your adventure!

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  5. It was nice meeting you at Rosary Lake – we gave you the JTC patch. Pretty stinking amazing is all I could think. Safe and awesome travels to you!!!

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  6. Patches- stumbled on your site while looking for folks who’ve used the moab ventilator long distance. Came for that review, stayed for your other excellent posts. Keep it up and not fade away.

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  7. I just heard your interview on Sounds of the Trail (Episode 18, The Bucket List episode). You have a lot of wisdom. That was my favorite episode so far.


  8. Hey Patches its Choo Choo from the Smokies. I’m gearing up for a PCT thru, and would love to ask some questions about what its like doing a PCT thru after an AT thru.


  9. Hi Patches,
    I’m Maria, a book publicist. I have a book that I think you might enjoy reading. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll gladly send you a copy!


  10. What a tremendous guide. Thank you for putting this together.
    You noted that you used the Gaia app. You said the Midstate may be found on the “layers” section of the Gaia app. Could you elaborate? I have teh Gaia app but cannot find the Midstate Trail.


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