City Slicka Memorial Book

The folks from one of the Appalachian Trail Hostels asked me if I could make a Memorial Photobook for City Slicka available based on my post about Patrick “City Slicka” O’Meara: The Man Who Never Returned, so I’ve created both an eBook edition and a print editions. You can preview the book by clicking on the photo of the cover below, or click here to go directly to the page with all of the available edition choices.

Continental Divide Trail Book

Coming soon (187 pages written so far)!!

Pacific Crest Trail Book

By special request, all of the blog posts from my solo thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014 have been compiled into one, easy to read volume (available as eBooks or in print)!


Appalachian Trail Books

I’ve put together 5 photobooks (eBooks are $2.99 each and print editions start at $35) chronicling my journey from Springer Mountain, GA to Mount Katahdin, Maine. Check them out by clicking on the pictures or visiting my online bookstore! These books contain my blog posts as well as additional information about my daily mileage, where I stayed, and the amazing sights I was able to capture with my Sony NEX-5N camera. I love these books and I hope that you will too!
By special request, all of the blog posts about my solo thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2013 are available in one easy to read volume as well (Click on the photo below to check it out)! Although, the 5 volume set of photobooks (above) include more of my favorite pictures of the AT, and are the books I most highly recommend.
The final book about the Appalachian Trail is the 2013 Hiker Yearbook I created (ebook or print). Click on the image below to check out a preview of the On Top of the World 2013 AT Yearbook.

3 thoughts on “Store

  1. Can you make your entire “Blog” for the AT and the PCT available to purchase? Your adventures are truly fascinating!! I would LOVE to buy printed copies to give to folks who aren’t on the computer too much or would like to read your adventures like a novel! You are a VERY talented writer!

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    • Thank you! :) I made photobooks for my AT journey combining my favorite pictures with the blog entries from the same section of the trail. I plan on doing the same for my PCT journey… I just need to go through the 10,000 pictures that I took first! The downside to the photo book versions is that they are fairly expensive to print (the ebook versions get around some of that) and that I couldn’t get the entire trip to fit in one volume. If I emphasize the writing instead of the pictures I might be able to make the entire “Blog” from the AT into one book or volume and then the entire “Blog” of the PCT into a second volume. Is that what you are envisioning? I’m definitely interested in hearing about the ways that I can present my journey and share my adventures with more people!

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  2. Hey Patches!
    My name is David. My partner John and my sister Debbie picked you up at the end of Two Medicine road and gave you a lift to the Ranger Station. So happy we got to meet you and will be tracking the remainder of your journey.
    Thanks for being the bright spot to our morning!


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