Easter Dinner (PCT Days 17-19)


I think this may be the first Easter that I haven’t spent with my family. Growing up Easter was always one of our biggest family holidays… The only holiday where relatives from both my mom and my dad’s side of the family would all come together for one festive meal at my parent’s house.

As Easter grew near I found myself getting a bit homesick. It looked like I was going to be somewhere out in the middle of the California desert by myself on Easter Sunday. A few days before Easter, however, I was at the hostel in Big Bear Lake. My feet and knees were a bit achey and it made sense for me to take a day off from hiking, but I didn’t want to go stir crazy!

On the trail, the other hikers sort of become family after a while, and the hostel had a full kitchen, so I offered to prepare an early Easter dinner for anyone that was going to be there that evening.


We definitely had to dye Easter eggs, have ham for dinner and an angel food cake with peeps on top for dessert! To round out the meal I made homemade baked macaroni and cheese (one of my favorites and definitely a comfort food) and roasted root vegetables.


Everyone pitched in and before we knew it we had a veritable feast on the table. Everyone at the hostel joined in and we celebrated new friends, new adventures and the spring. The group of ten of us included people from Scotland, Denmark, Australia, and different places around the US.


We talked about Easter, Passover, and other spring traditions that we were familiar with as we ate. Since our Easter dinner was actually on Maundy Thursday and it was our last supper before heading back out into the desert it seemed somehow fitting. Someone was quick to point out that a dinner effectively celebrating Passover (however far removed) featuring ham was rather strange though. How is it that ham became the traditional meat for Easter?

With our bellies full of food we headed off for bed, missing the friends and family that we weren’t going to get to see for the holiday this year, but thankful for the new friends that we’ve met along the trail.