Choosing the Right Outdoor Adventure…


Spring is here! It’s time to go outside, explore new places, and find new adventures… but how do you decide which adventure is right for you? Here are some things to consider before you go:


  • Timing: How much time can you spend out on your adventure? Don’t forget to factor in the transit time to- and from- your destination! Usually I plan to spend at least as much time adventuring as I spend in transit. Another thing I’ve learned the hard way? Double-check what time the sun rises and sets before you go… the number of daylight hours varies seasonally and has taken me by surprise more than once (now I always take a headlamp along just in case!).


  • People: How many people are likely to join you on your adventure? Some destinations are better for groups, others for solitude… Remember that popular destinations frequently get crowded, especially during peak-season and on weekends! Often when I got to popular places at popular times, I avoid the throngs by choosing one of the less common, less crowded trails.


  • Background: What is your level of experience, and that of your group? If you jump in too far over your head the fun factor suddenly plummets. Also, take into consideration the health constraints and current level of fitness of each member of your group (including yourself) before choosing your adventure… I find that when things are too physically strenuous the complaining goes up, and the fun goes down.



Join me this summer as I introduce new people to the outdoor trails and adventures that I love… Whether I’m going out for a day hike with my 4-year old niece, going camping with friends, or heading off on another solo backpacking adventure, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips, trips, trails, and tales here on this blog!


Oh, and I almost forgot… pictures… I love taking pictures! I post to Instagram and Facebook between blog posts!


P.S. Do you have questions about hiking? Camping? Backpacking? Gear? Getting outside? New England trails? Thru-hikes? Leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Outdoor Adventure…

  1. Hi Patches! Love your blog. A good friend and I are planning a two week backpacking adventure in July. I’d like to stay out east. I’m a section hiker on the AT also. I’m thinking AT/Shenandoah, but I’m guessing there’s a ton of tourists at that time of year. Is there a great place in the middle of the AT for us to dip in and out for a couple weeks? Please private message me your answer if that is okay. :) Happy Trails!


  2. These are great things to consider to help you find the perfect outdoor adventure, especially the weather. As you say, too many people think the weather where they are will be the same as where they’re going, which is a huge mistake. You want to choose somewhere that will have the weather you want, and then you’ve got to prepare adequately. You don’t want to be that person wearing a t-shirt in a snowstorm!


  3. I like what you said about checking when the sun sets. After dark it can get really cold depending on where you are, and it also can be dangerous to be doing activities in the dark. That is a smart way to avoid being put in a situation you weren’t prepared for.


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