Ode to California

I’m not sure that this qualifies as an ode, but I figure that before I post what I wrote as I was leaving Oregon, I should post the one that I wrote as I was leaving California.


California, they said it
Was a mythical place
It’s where people headed
Done with the rat race

California is where dreams
Or nightmares come true
Hurry up and come join us
We’re waiting for you

My friends all head westwards
Abandoning the east
Heading to California
Where they hope to find peace

Now that I’ve been here
And seen it up close
It’s not all that different
Here on the wrong coast

I’ve walked through your deserts
your mountains, your plains
I’ve dealt with your weather,
Your heat, wind, and rains

I’ve been welcomed into your homes
Both fancy and poor
And wherever I’ve turned
Someone’s opened a door

California I’ve seen you
What you have at your core
Now I see what it is
That they all adore

Though I don’t want to move here
It’s too hot! It’s too dry!
I as I head into Oregon,
I’m not ready for goodbye!

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