Forrester Pass (PCT Days 55-56)

After climbing Mt Whitney for sunrise we felt like we could do anything… As long as we got to eat lots of food and have fifteen hours of sleep first. This is how we found ourselves at the base of Forrester Pass the day after summiting Mount Whitney.


The first step was to find the trail as it approached the pass. This was no small feat with all the drifts of snow and footprints leading in all different directions. I pulled out Guthook’s phone app and used the GPS with maps a few times to make sure I was headed the right way.


Forrester Pass looked like a sheer rock face rising impossibly high in front of us… It didn’t quite seem real that we were going to go up and over it! Slowly but surely we made progress through the snow and up the trail until we got to the infamous ice chute. It was one of the things that we’d been hearing about for days… The the ice chute was supposed to be very scary and very sketchy. It was definitely very exposed, but after my experience on Whitney it didn’t seem bad at all!


When I finally made it over the pass I realized that the snow on the other side was perfect!!! I’d been meaning to make a snow man ever since the big snow storm, but the timing and the snow hadn’t been quite right. Here I was at the top of Forrester and it was clearly the right time and place for my snowman!!!


Coming down Forrester there was snow, snow, and more snow. At first the snow was fun and made us feel energetic and like kids. We even glissaded down some sections of it!


As the day wore on, however, the snow got softer and softer and we started postholing down to our knees and hips in the snow. You never knew which steps you were going to get away with skimming on the surface of the snow, and which steps would find one leg punching down through three feet of snow. Though the snow was still gorgeous the postholing was definitely tiring!


It had been another long, beautiful, snow covered day in the high Sierra. Here’s hoping for more beautiful sunshiny days in the high Sierra (and
Less postholing!)

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