Beauty and the Beast: Part 1 (121-124)


The White Mountains are stunningly gorgeous when you get them on a nice day and in nice weather. I was incredibly lucky to get phenomenally good weather for the southern portion of the white mountains.

Even when the weather is beautiful, the Whites can be beastly. Up and down the trail people tell horror stories about the White Mountains… The steep, rocky trails put fear into people’s eyes.


It is definitely true that the trails are both rockier and steeper here than anywhere else we’ve been. There haven’t been very many places where we’ve had to put our hiking sticks down so that we could use our arms to help pull our bodies and packs up and over the rocks.


The rewards have been amazing though. I got clear views from Mt Mousilake, the Kinsmans, the Franconia ridge (including Mt Lafayette), and from Eisenhower.


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