Caught… (Days 59-61)


At least the rain isn’t lasting all day, everyday now, though I still seem to be getting caught by intermittent deluges where the sky opens up and dumps 1-2 inches of rain in an hour, and then sunnier skies return. It’s definitely an improvement over the last week, so I appreciate that.

Yesterday, for the first time, I found a tick on my leg. It didn’t seem to care that I’d coated myself in deet, or maybe the rain and sweat had just rinsed all of the insecticide away.

Ticks and Lyme Disease are constantly on people’s minds out here. I check myself for ticks everyday, and have been glad not to find them. Some of the other hikers have found as many as 29 ticks on themselves in one day! The hikers with dogs seem especially prone to collecting lots of ticks.

Hopefully that will be the first and last tick to try to feast on me, but I will remain ever vigilant in my battle against the bugs.

It looks like I might actually get a break in the weather so I’m going to get back out on the trail and soak up some sun while it lasts!

One thought on “Caught… (Days 59-61)

  1. We have been reading your blog, looking forward to seeing you. Could even pick you up at some point before Harpers Ferry or beyond. Ernie and Barbara
    This should be a drier week, but humid!


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