Party Central (Days 46-48)


I woke up to the chirping of birds in the pre-dawn darkness like I do every morning. I groggily packed up my things and as the sky grew lighter peeked out of my tent. I’d forgotten that I’d camped with a view the night before, an East facing view! The spectacular red orb of the sun slowly rose up from behind the distant mountains… It then disappeared behind some low-lying clouds so that I could have the pleasure of watching it rise a second time. It was an awesome way to start the longest day of the year!

Even though it was a gorgeous day, I was feeling pretty tired and worn out. I’d heard about a trail angel called Truebrit who would pick you up at the trailhead, help you resupply, and let you stay the night at his camp. It sounded perfect! After 15 miles of hiking in the 90 degree weather I was definitely looking forward to a nice cold beverage.

I called from the top of the hill, and by the time I reached the parking lot Truebrit’s girlfriend Betty was smiling and standing by her beat up old white pickup truck, waiting to give me a ride to wherever I wanted to go. We went into town and I bought some snacks and ice cream to share. Thus fortified we headed up to the camp at Fort Bastian.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. the description in my guidebook was pretty sparse. As we bounced and bumped down a really rough forest service road I briefly had the thought that this was the kind if place someone could disappear into forever. We turned onto an even more rugged stretch of road where a Fort Bastion sign was posted. As we turned the corner an rv, some tarps, tents, and really rough hewn log cabin type structures came into view.

Fort Bastian is a cross between a bachelor pad and the ultimate car camping experience.

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