Fallen Arches (Days 37 & 38)


Like many thru-hikers, my feet are getting bigger even as my waist is getting smaller. I just got new pants that are six sizes smaller than the pants I started with, and I just bought new boots that are almost 2 sizes bigger than the ones I started with.

My feet have been hurting for a while. I’ve experimented with switching socks, with blister remedies, and with different kinds of insoles, but my poor little toes still seem to be grumpy about all the walking that I’m doing. The last time I was in town I decided that I needed to get new boots…

As I was sitting and contemplating new boots at one of the outfitters, the owner came over and offered to help. Since the outfitters was literally on the AT, he had a lot of experience with thru-hikers. He pulled up the little foot measuring device and started poking, pushing, and smooshing my foot trying to get it to line up with the measurement parameters. A few times he poked at painful spots and I couldn’t help but grimace a bit. In response he said, “if it hurts too much, just hit me.” He then continued poking and prodding my foot. This measurement session went on for so long that I started to wonder if perhaps he had a foot fetish of some kind.

Eventually he paused, looked up at me and asked, “Are you big boned?” I have to admit that I gave him a blank stare in response to that. Was he serious? Does anyone actually ask that in the hopes of getting an informative answer? Apparently the answer to the above questions is… yes. He was earnestly awaiting my reply. I was sufficiently taken aback that I fumbled my answer a bit, “Ummm, I don’t think so,” I said as I pointed to my scrawny arms. He then continued poking and prodding my foot.

Eventually he came to the conclusion that I have really high arches, which are falling, causing me pain, and mashing my poor little toes up against my boot. He recommended much larger, wider boots, and custom insoles since none of the pre-form ones have high enough arch support for me.

I’ve actually ended up buying a couple pair of boots hoping that one will magically alleviate all of my pain and make my toes happy. I’ll add them to the parameter space of the ongoing happy feet experiments (I think I’ve found the best socks, blister remedies, and over the counter insoles for me at this point).

The theme of this post is fallen, so the picture at the top of this post is thematically related because it is from a tulip poplar that had fallen over the trail.


Late in today’s hiking I came upon a section of the trail where the birds were falling all over themselves and making tons and tons of noise. Peering up into the tree branches I spotted the source of the trouble…a six foot long predatory looking snake hanging on a branch over the trail. I wouldn’t want that to fall!

One thought on “Fallen Arches (Days 37 & 38)

  1. I’ve been having trouble with my feet too though I don’t have as good an excuse as you do. I hope that in spite of your foot troubles, things are still beautiful!
    I miss you!!


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