Eye of newt (Days 31-32)


43! I counted 43 newts on a four mile stretch of trail. It turns out that the things that are orange really really stick out on rainy, dreary days. Newts are then especially noticeable because your head is down concentrating on the trail and on your feet. This serves two purposes… It keeps the rain out of your eyes, and it helps you navigate the mud as well as the slippery rocks and roots. Notice that I said navigate, not avoid… There is so much mud that it is completely unavoidable.

In addition to the bright orange newts, there was also some really cool orange fungus. I think walking 17 miles in the rain made me a little punchy as I kept thinking, “there’s a fungus among us.”


This post is brought to you by the number 43 and with fond memories of “Big Phil” (1986-2013), whose favorite color was orange.

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