My Blister has a Name


I came into the shelter last night after a 20 mile hike and was feeling pretty good. I have to admit though, I have a pretty big blister on my heal. When I got to the shelter everyone wanted to see it (it may be because it was visible through my sock after I took my shoes off, or from some of my friends having mentioned it).

One of the women at the shelter asked me to show it to her partner and said he had no excuse to complain about his blister. I told him I’d been working on mine for days. He agreed to stop complaining about his, and suggested that my blister deserved to have a name of its own. Everyone at the shelter decided to join in the game and suggest names, though I think for some reason “Billy” was the most popular. “Badass Blister” was popular, and “Billy Bob”, and “Bursting Bubble”, so eventually we settled on B.B. as the blisters name and starting making bets on when B.B. was going to blow.

So now there is photographic evidence that B.B. existed.

5 thoughts on “My Blister has a Name

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