And then the rains came (Days 9-12)


I made it through Georgia without getting poison ivy! I crossed into North Carolina a couple days ago and met a southbound thru-hiker right at the state line. It’s possible that he was more excited about crossing the line than I was, but it turns out that getting through the first state feels like a big deal. I’ll have to get to Maine to see how crossing into the last state compares.


I had one beautiful day of hiking in North Carolina before the rain rolled in. I hiked all day yesterday in the middle of a cloud that sometimes poured on me and sometimes just dripped. Last night I opted to sleep in a shelter (even though my tent did keep me dry during the storm the previous evening), which was pretty full of folks with the same idea. Walking through the misty tunnels of rhododendron and fields of trillium was kind of cool though. Also, it seems that newts come out with the rain. My favorite thing about the rain so far is that It means I don’t have to worry about stepping on copperheads sunning themselves in the trail. The rain and mist continued today, but should dissipate by tomorrow I think.


5 thoughts on “And then the rains came (Days 9-12)

    • I’ve seen five or six kinds of trillium so far. The ones like we have at home (the small white ones with a little bit of red near the center), seem to be the least common down here.

      The fields of trillium have definitely been truly spectacular!


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