Scarlet Tanagers (Days 5&6)


I’m not big into birding, but I appreciate the variety of songs and colors of the birds that I encounter. Yesterday I saw a particularly spectacular bird (a scarlet tanager), which has a brilliant red body offset with dark black wings. As I kept hiking I saw more and more of them (a total of 8 different tanagers). I found that if I disturbed one by the trail, it would slowly try to circle around me as it waited for me to move. Though they came pretty close to me, I was never quick enough to get a picture of one with my phone.

I spent a cozy night curled up in my tent last night and ended up getting a very early start this morning (the people camping near me were having a loud conversation at 5:45 am). I managed to pack up and hit the trail by 7 am and had hiked five miles by 9 am. The early morning sun managed to make everything look beautiful (even the poison ivy). I think that this may mean that I’ve become a morning person again.


7 thoughts on “Scarlet Tanagers (Days 5&6)

  1. There were fire yellow and black tanagers in Boulder when I worked there, I loved spotting them, the colors are so over the top.
    You still with your folks? Good to hear your breathing is doing well. Good luck with that I’ve! Hugs.


  2. I know you should take cold showers after poison ivy exposure, or rinse in cold water, but I’m asking an herby friend for other suggestions. :)


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