Blood Mountain (Days 3&4)


My only complaint about Georgia so far is all of the poison ivy. It will be nothing short of a miracle if I manage to get out of this state without getting a strong reminder of what it was like to be covered in it.

So far the trails have all been very civilized. I notice the uphills and have had to use my inhaler a couple of times, but my breathing hasn’t really been a problem. Unlike the trails in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, they seem to believe in these crazy things called switchbacks around here. By decreasing the steepness of the trails it seems to make things easier for both my breathing and joints (my knees and hips haven’t been bothering me too much yet). Blood Mountain was the highest elevation so far and it still didn’t seem so bad, though the weather gave it the kind of view i expect from a 4000 footer.


Unfortunately I’ve been having a bit of a technology fail. My iPhone refuses to stay powered off. Since I need to conserve battery over multiple days this is a real problem. I’ve been switching it into airplane mode when I’m not using it to try to help conserve battery, but its still frustrating and annoying. After talking to tech support for a couple of hours and relocating to a place with wifi, we managed to do all of the software diagnostics and fixes possible, but the glitch remained. The solution is to send a replacement phone to my next mail drop location. Hopefully my batteries will last until then!

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