So far, so good! (Day 2)

Day 1 on the trail was awesome! We saw our first blue bird and then three bus loads of middle schoolers walked with us to the top of Springer Mountain and sent us off in style! It was great to have mom and dad with me at the start of this journey.


Day 2 started off bright and sunny! Our morning excitement came when mom discovered a six foot long black snake by the side of the trail by almost stepping on it. On the uphill stretches I made sure to pause and point out all of the wild flowers: violets, trillium, lady slippers, columbine, mayapples.

When we stopped for lunch I pulled out my solar charger and strapped it to my pack to take advantage of all of the sunshine. Of course 15 minutes later a downpour materialized out of nowhere! We could see blue sky all around us, but it just kept pouring. Eventually I gave up and put my rain gear on. It kept raining until we got to the shelter where we’re planning on spending the night. The sun eventually came back out and we dried out before settling in for another night on the trail.


One thought on “So far, so good! (Day 2)

  1. It’s good to hear news from you, and that things started well. I can almost feel the sunshine and the mountain air… Hugs.


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