Trail Angels (less than 12 hrs to go)

Tomorrow morning I’ll actually be at Springer Mountain! I’ve been luxuriating in the creature comforts that I’m about to leave behind like: showers, soft comfortable beds, family within a stone’s throw and well, anything that I can’t fit into my backpack.

Even though I didn’t think I had family in Georgia, It turns out that my new sister-in-law does. They are the “trail angels” that have swooped in to help me out even before I set foot on the trail. They have a cabin near the start of the AT and are letting my parents and me use it as a base camp while we’re here in GA. The crazy thing is that we just met them this weekend and here we are, in their amazing cabin in GA just a few days later. They’ve made me feel like I have family here, and have reminded me that the trail is full of amazing people that I look forward to meeting.

I am thankful to them and everyone that has helped me get to this point, where my dream of hiking the AT is about to begin. Springer Mountain here I come!


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