Preparing to hit the trail (less than one week to go)

I am so excited that it’s finally May! For me it is the beginning of a very hopeful month after a stressful and tumultuous spring. It reminds me of the old saying, “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.”

March winds (Phase 1- leaving my job): April 1 was my last day of work, so I spent most of March trying to wrap things up at work. I’ve both loved and hated my job at times, but I unequivocally love science. Stepping away and taking a break from the successful career that I’ve loved has been really hard.

April showers (Phase 2- leaving my home): I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living and working in and around Boston. I had to be out of my apartment by May 1, so I spent most of April packing, saying goodbye to friends, and moving out of my apartment. The big hiccup in my month was the bombing at the Boston marathon. This was the first year that I actually went out and watched the marathon. My brother ran it and finished in a little over four hours (less than 2 minutes before the explosions), his fiance was also running it this year (she was stopped about mile from the finish-line) and a lot of close friends were near the finish line cheering them on. Thankfully everyone was ok, but it was a very stressful afternoon as I wandered through the confusion of downtown Boston looking for them, not knowing whether or not they were ok, and unable to communicate with the outside world (cell service was down). The lock-downs later in the week also hit home since I was in Cambridge and my brother was in Watertown. I have been reminded about all of the things that I love about Boston and Cambridge and will miss them fiercely.

May flowers (Phase 3- the good stuff): May is supposed to be full of the good stuff! My brother and his fiance are getting married this weekend. I am happy and excited for them and also selfishly glad that I will have the chance to see all of my family before I hit the trail next week. Also, next week I fly to Georgia to start hiking the AT. I’ve packed all of my gear, I’m checking it twice, and I’m brimming over with excitement about finally hitting the trail! I expect that in the next couple of days I’ll post a gear list and maybe some before pictures. I also should/will post some information about how people can contact me/send me care packages while I’m gone.

One thought on “Preparing to hit the trail (less than one week to go)

  1. Cory and I are looking forward to following you through your adventure and will be sending you some care packages as needed!! Its time for 2013 to be a better year with the start of May I am determined it will be better.. I know you will have a great experience and will be safe since you have the most amazing angel with orange wings guiding you!! :):) Love you lots
    Cory and Jill


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